Experiences are a good teacher

Assalamualaikum and hye readers. I'm back for this semester's break. Yes my school starts holidays two weeks earlier so don't get jealous guys wihihi. 
So back on my main topic. Experiences. Don't get a wrong idea. I'm not saying that I had enough experiences in my life to write this entry. But this is just a sharing about me myself that is an extroverted introvert. 
I used to be an introvert person back then until my teacher once told me that my voice is srsly nice untuk berpidato. She trained me very hard to make me overcome those anxieties to speak in front of public. I took part in my very first competition and i made it to the third place. So my teacher cried. I saw happiness in those tears and that makes me to start falling in love in public speaking.
As time flies i didn't take much parts in competitions when i'm in form 1 until form 3. Just several competitions but still those are good experiences. Yes i likely to speak in front of people but there still remains some nervousness. 

Form 4 taught me a lot in improving my skill in being a good speaker. I took part in the election of student representative council 17/18. In the process, the candidates need to do election manifesto. and so me. It's been a long time i didn't speak in public in front of boys especially since i came from a religion school that totally separate the girls and the boys. But it's okay, i overcame it.
Being a SRC realllyyyyyyy helps me a lot in improving my skill. I was selected to go a leadership program in Johor back then and we had an interview so I need speak in english and yeah you know that it is important to be impressive during interview. Fortunately, i made it to the next stage.
The next stage is global leadership. I went there and I bet you guys that i felt like I want to go home because everyone's there is so good in english and i don't have enough confident to make friends with them hehehe . This camp totally taught me something. I learned that as a leader we need to be brave because we need to influence people. These are some useful tips that works for me and i hope that it will works for you guys too on how to be a good speaker 
1. First of all, u need to have intonations when u are speaking. Please don't speak like a reporter or an announcer. You will lose the attentions. 
2. Be confident. I would never have interest in someone that's not confident when he/she is talking and i'm pretty sure you guys too. So standing there and please make a confident posture something like don't fidget, stand up straight with your shoulders back, proper grooming and most importantly, smile (just imagine there are a lot of pretty men and women).
3. Make a style of yourself. This what my senior told me. Just 'buat style' don't ever care about people's perceptions. But please behave lah don't be too poyo. 
4. Catch attentions. Yeah it may be hard for the newbie but try to gain attention by making your voice sounds cool and look at each other faces (keep your eyes forward). So no one will talk when you are talking (oh srsly i hate this attitude so much)
5. Be brave. Just overcome your fears. Keep practicing. Try more and trust me you are there :)
Keep doing what you feared the most
So this is all from me. I'm sorry if i made mistakes. I'm still young and there is a long way for me to go. It's already 23:18. Goodnight world. Forgive me, Assalamualaikum.

p/s: someone just told me that he is my silent reader. goodnight there.