A big thank you.

Assalamualaikum and hye to the ones who are reading this. I'm sorry for a long long time hiatus since i'm going to sit for spm this year.
Since i'm writing for this entry, just let me summaries my 5 months of 2018 for a bit. For me, this is my toughest year. Going ups and downs too much. Gratefully, Allah will never leave me alone, I believe in that. My second month started to get busy with sport days. I played as the princess and the one i'm crushing played as the prince hihi don't tell him guys.
Since that, my schedule was packed. Of course i did cried out of stresses. I need to attend classes days and nights, representing my college (ofcourse preparation times are needed!) and also need to revise all the subjects for exams. But let's take a look from positive perspective, I bet this is how Allah wants to teach me to be strong, independent and stay organised. Alhamdulillah, silver lining was there. Allah granted me with 4.00 in standardised 1.  And who knows that BH call me to interview in their student's personality slot! 
I went to debate competition and leadership convention in April. Alhamdulillah i made it as the round best debater and also won the bwp's category respectively. For my standardised 2, I got 3.97 since I'm slacking my biology with ONLY 1 MARK oh Allah give me strength hahaha
my debat and debate teams.

So the latest and the most pack-est week went to my final weeks. Like srsly, i need to handle the teacher's day and also focusing on my final? ( idk why they put history and biology in a day huhu im crying). 

This is my teammates' last event as a bwp. Ups and downs. Sorry for those that i stressed u guys huhu. Thank you for your cooperations and hopefully this event creates a big and the sweetest memory among us. Too much to say. I love you guys, bwp 17/18.

I'll miss our chaotic moments together and yes, the moments we are working together to make sure everything is going well since July 2017-May 2018. Thank you for everything.

For the new bwp, goodluck! 

General Secretary,

This entry should be the appreciation post to my bwp but i lost my ideas in writing and just came up with a long story about me myself compared to the reason why im posting this entry hehe sorry guys. Oh ya, for all my fellow f5s, goodluck for the upcoming pre-trial, trial and also the realllll spm very soonnnn.